Who loves spoons? Everyone loves spoons. Spoons are awesome. So useful. When we found out there was a spoon carving workshop in Pambula, NSW, we literally planned a camping trip to be able to attend. When we commit to an idea, we really commit. Read about our camping adventures PART 1 and PART 2.



To visit the Spoonsmith, Jeff, at his home workshop and spoon whittling school in Pambula, NSW.



We carved actual spoons. From wood. We started with a log and finished with a spoon like oldey timey wood carving people. We started by selecting the wood we wanted to use, both of us selecting Silvertop Ash, and sawing off a section.

PRO TIP: Maybe start small on projects like this. I’m not going to tell you what to do, but I could have possibly made a smaller spoon for my first ever spoon. Just saying, blisters are real (and I got blisters all over my delicate graphic designer lady-hands).


We used hatchets to split and shape the wood into the basic spoon shape. Actual axes – it was super cool, like being mini lumberjacks, or lumberjanes, as the case may be. Then we used straight and curved knives to shape the rest of the spoon. Jeff taught us a tonne of techniques and helped develop our spoons with lots of advice. Despite being tough to start with, it was extremely relaxing and fun to be able to sit and whittle for a few hours with a bunch of like-minded people.

PRO TIP: You will be exhausted after a day of swinging axes and carving for the first time. We had been camping, but, with unprecedented forethought, booked a hotel room for the night. It was worth it. Neither of us could have put up a tent that night.


Jeff the Spoonsmith was amazing, taking us through the process from start to finish, encouraging us to let the wood guide us and create whatever style of spoon we liked. He gave us lots of options and let us decide the best way – from the type of wood, to size, to design, the decisions were ours and Jeff just helped us realise our spoony vision.

If you ever get the chance to go to one of Jeff’s workshops we thoroughly recommend it. Jeff is at Koskela this weekend teaching a  two day course. Alternatively find a local course because spoon making is fun.

Find out about Jeff and his workshops here: http://www.spoonsmith.com.au/


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