On our way to a spoon carving workshop in Pambula NSW, we took some time for a little camping trip along the way. Stopping first at Depot Beach (read about that here) we packed up camp and headed further south. Being the October long weekend a lot of campgrounds were booked out, so our search lead us to a campground a little more remote but an awesome surprise!


Hobart Beach campground, in the Bournda National Park, just outside Merimbula.

We Are Wild Camping - Hobart beach campground


We headed to cheese country driving from Batemans Bay to Bega. The drive itself is quite picturesque, green rolling hills, national parks, quaint villages and cows, lots of them (hey whatever floats your boat). Stopping in Bega for the usual supplies – food, ice, water and wood, we then headed along a back road to the campground.

Pro tip: Bring change for the National Park fees, $8 for each day you are there, you’ll see the signs near the entrance to the park. You put the cash in an envelope and place it in a box – old school style.

The drive into Hobart Beach is partly on a dirt road, so prepare for your car to get a little dirty. On a rainy day this could get a little boggy, but luckily for us we had blues skies all the way. Not knowing what to expect as the National Parks website isn’t great with their photos, we were pleasantly surprised as we drove into the campsite. We found our number 36 site and were greeted by a lovely (and massive) male kangaroo who may or may not have scared the sh$t out of us as he came bounding up. After we recovered from our near death (ok not really) experience we headed for the pit loos, yes pit toilets, we know what you are thinking, we were too, however the facilities are great! The smell wasn’t bad at all, they were very clean (cleaned daily the signs said) and also free hot showers, 4 minutes though so keep it quick!

Pro tip: It gets very dark here at night, hello stars! So take a torch wherever you go or even better, a headlamp for hands free illumination.

We Are Wild Camping - Hobart beach campground

Now that we had conquered the tent assembling and campfire lighting after our blunders at Depot Beach, we win at camping, we settled in for a couple of days of off-the-grid adventures. There are a few different swimming locations here and we headed to Bournda lagoon (and Bournda beach). The lagoon is great for swimming and relaxing in calm waters. We didn’t swim for long on the ocean side, as it was extremely rough and still being October, the water was a tad chilly (freezing to be exact). But the beach itself was beautiful and we had a lot of fun playing with all of the shells, hooray for flatlays!

Pro tip: Like most camp sites, there is a LOT of nature here so take care. There are cute little kangaroos and wallabies but also very big ones, so keep your distance and definitely don’t feed them. You will also see a lot of frogs here, especially at night, keep your tent zipped up at all times, we learnt this lesson the hard way and had a frog falling on face whilst sleeping incident. We also encountered a couple of creatures of the reptile kind, snakes (yes poisonous ones) and goannas love it here – Welcome to Australia!

We Are Wild Camping - Hobart beach campground

We Are Wild Camping - Hobart beach Bournda beach

We Are Wild Camping Bournda beach

We Are Wild Camping - Hobart beach campground shells

We Are Wild Camping - Hobart beach campground shells

We Are Wild Camping - Bournda Lagoon

We had a lovely time at Hobart Beach campground and will definitely be back here. For more information or to book a site CLICK HERE.

In our next blog we will take you into the world of wood spoon carving or whittling as some may call it, and believe us you will be hooked!


  1. Adrian Rice November 14, 2015 Reply

    Love the photo of the shells, small piece of driftwood and other detritus. The other pics are great too but that one is my favourite.

  2. Hoonyuen January 13, 2018 Reply

    Hi! Really love the pictures and all the camping adventures. I’m new to camping and all that gorgeous ‘into the wild’ adventures makes me want to make my own!
    Thank you for the short description of Hobart Beach campground. I was looking for information about the place and you provide the most important one… HOT SHOWERS! Woo hoo!

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