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I don’t know about you, but I’m a cold weather person. Maybe I was born in the wrong country, or my upbringing in the country town of Orange but summer is not my friend. I enjoy the warm weather for about a day and then I’m over it! Give me the cool crisp air, cold tip of my nose, layers upon layers of clothing, hot coffee and crackling fires any day! So when then the hot Australian humid days of summer finally decide to leave and the air becomes fresh and crisp again, my heart does a little dance. I eagerly get out my collection of beanies and line them up, just waiting for that day I can wear them.


As I said earlier I grew up in the country NSW town of Orange, and it has no shortage of beautiful autumn trees throughout the town and lining the streets. It’s pretty incredible actually, I would definitely recommend you visit. So I’ve been spoilt with amazing autumn scenes. There is something magical about Autumn, not just its mesmerising colours, warm tones and the sounds of crunching leaves under your feet. It’s what it represents… wait for it, I’m about to get deep you guys!

Autumn is maturity, it’s aging, it’s an ending, the cycle of life and death in all of its beautiful glory. Autumn teaches us a good lesson, to make way for the new, we must let go of the old. I have a beautiful maple tree outside my bedroom window, and every time I see the change of the leaves, I’m reminded of the things that I’ve bundled up inside; thoughts, feelings, disappointments, hurts and failures that would be better off falling down to the ground. You’re a good one wise old Autumn, and you put on a pretty good show too!

Ok that’s enough deep stuff, here are some of my favourite Autumn photos from over the years…


Autumn leaves

Sampson Street Orange in autumn

Autumn leaves

Autumn tree outside my window

autumn leaves

Autumn in Berlin


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