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Let’s talk about Ok Go. They make cute music, catchy tunes, and whatnot, but the videos. I was familiar with the choreographed treadmill magic of Here It Goes Again but recently a work friend showed me some of their¬†others, and here we are. Their music videos are clever and thoughtful. They are masterful wizards at creating a video that is both so simple and so complex at the same time. You want to yell “I know how you did that, but I also kind of don’t know how you did it.” They also remind me forcefully that so much of the film media we are exposed to (from music videos to feature films) relies too heavily on cgi rather than imagination and a good idea.

Here It Goes Again: This is the classic Ok Go video clip that a lot of people will have seen. It’s worth another look anyway and always puts a smile on my face. It is also uncannily similar to how I look while at the gym on a treadmill.


This Too Shall Pass (Rube Goldberg Machine): The ultimate single take video. So clever I watched it a couple of times in a row to catch everything.


Needing/Getting: In partnership with Chevrolet, they play the song by driving past objects and instruments and hitting them with moveable arms attached to the car. It’s epic and amazing and took four months of planning. This is my favourite. Watch it.


I Won’t Let You Down: Huge cast of extras, aerial shots and perfect timing. This a beautiful work of art.


Go check out all their music videos on their YouTube page.


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