An idea. A brand. A blog.

Oh, hi there. Do I have a story to tell you. A tale to tell. A yarn to spin. Well, more of a brief summary of events – honesty is key, after all. So what you’re looking at here is a mostly mis-remembered and partially fictional origin story for We Are Wild. A duo. A partnership. A team. A lot of hard work, amiright? (I’m right). 

We Are Wild is Emily and Amelia, two graphic designers who met a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (cue the music). Actually not so far away, more like in a classroom studying design at Enmore TAFE. The long time ago part is right. We old now. 

After teaming up to save the world from an alien invasion / super-villain / mad scientist type situation (it’s a pick your story deal here), we hung up our capes, retired the form-fitting lycra and handed in our emergency beepers. After a brief sojourn into the super hero business it was time to put our design skills to good use. 

When we met we knew straight away that our design sensibilities gelled like a mofo, and after a few years of friendship we decided to put it all on the line and start a side hustle together (because a full-time job each is just not enough for us). We wanted to create a brand we cared about and so We Are Wild was born.

This middle bit is kind of fuzzy – I think we drank a lot of wine. When we found out you could split a wine bottle (we spend a lot of time online, ok), the convo went like this:

“What do we do with it?” –

“Put a candle in it, bitch”.

And so we did.

Now this is the glamorous part. All our bottles are sourced from actual bins. Garbage bins, y’all. Then we clean, split, sand and pour them by hand. It’s all done by us and an increasingly amused group of family and friends who we bribe and beg for help. 

And so this is probably a good time to say thank you. Thank you to our amazing Wild Tribe. The amazing friends and family that we have roped in over the years. The market friends we make and the candle-lovers who come back. You guys are bomb diggity. 


A + E 

PS Holla at us on our insta @wearewildshop




Amelia works as a graphic designer and textile designer.
Science fiction, wine, apple cider, animals dressed in outfits, tv shows, books, crocheting, unicorns and Liverpool FC.
Being judged regarding the number of coffees she has had on any given day and going to bed before midnight.



Emily works as a graphic designer and photographer.
Taking photos, cold weather, coffee, wine, getting lost in new places, quiet times, making things, binge watching tv shows and most importantly Olive & Molly, the best dogs in the world.
Lack of sleep and bad coffee.