Welcome to We Are Wild.

We are Emily and Amelia. We are many things. Graphic designers. Travellers. Creators. Adventurers. Crocheters. Thinkers. TV watchers. Cider drinkers. Air guitarists. And so, fuelled by coffee and an almost pathological curiosity in the world around us, we launch We Are Wild. Blog, brand and various etceteras, We Are Wild is our way of sharing. We have so much we want to do, and make and see and experience. And we want to do it here, with you (do you feel special? cause you should).

So, a bit (more) about us. In a more practical and less existential sense, we are both graphic designers. Between us we have some sick skills in design, photography, textile design, illustration, music, and dog walking (wait, what?).

So “Hi, Mum,” strap yourself in, hands and heads inside the vehicle, no open alcohol bottles, we’re coming up, so you better get this party started. We are doing this, and it’s going to be kind of epic.

Lots of love,
Emily + Amelia


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